How to Create a 35mm HInge Hole Quickly and Conveniently

The hinge hole opener can quickly and conveniently create a 35mm diameter round hole on the board. The width and depth of the hole perfectly match the 35mm hinge. Let's look at  how to use the hole puncher for hole creation.

Assemble the punching knife. Insert the punching knife into the bracket, place the limit ring in the designated position shown in the diagram, and tighten the limit ring with the wrench.

Adjust the edge knob to set the distance between the hole and the transverse edge of the board. The available distances are 3/4/5/6mm.

Place the positioning rod. The positioning rod can set the distance between the hole and the vertical edge of the board. There are two options: 3'' (about 75mm) and 4'' (about 100mm).

Note: This hole opener can also be used for 26mm hinges by attaching the auxiliary accessories listed to the back of the edge selector.

Secure the hole opener and the board to the tabletop.

Insert the drilling bit into the punching knife.

Start punching.

The punching edges will be neat and tidy.


Drill a small hole in the middle of both sides of the hole opener body.


Hole punching completed! Precisely matches the 35mm hinge.