How to Use the Versatile 35mm Door Hinge Jig


  1. Install the locator and drill bit as shown, and fix the limiting ring.

  2. Adjust the distance between the board edge and the hole. Four options are available: 3mm, 4mm, 5mm, and 6mm.

  3. Side positioning can be done in two ways: (a) Using the magnetic bottom to hold the straight ruler for side positioning. (b) Aligning with pre-drawn position lines.

  4. Two options for fixing the locator: (a) Directly fixing the board with the built-in fixture. (b) Using a large clamp to fix the locator (shown in the image as the old version of the locator).

  5. After drilling the main hole, select the hole position based on the spacing of the hinge's side screw holes. Smooth drilling, precise hole positioning, and completed installation of the hinge cup.

Other Functions

1. Demonstration of Wood Mortise Hole Drilling (for straight boards)
Align the boards to be joined and draw position lines on the sides.

Directly drill holes by aligning the locator's edge with the position lines. (Find the center of the board by intersecting the two symmetrical screws at the bottom.)

Convenient for straight board assembly and quick positioning of the board's center.

2. Board Center Marking (Quickly marking the centerline of the board).
Use the two symmetrical screws at the bottom of the locator to quickly draw the centerline of the board.

3. 26mm Hinge Hole Assembly (Only available in some versions, please inquire if needed).
Accurate positioning of 26mm hole positions can be achieved by adding washers to the screws.