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21V Cordless Handheld Electric Drill with Brushless Motor, 25 Gear Torque Adjustment for Drilling, Screwing, and Impacting

21V Cordless Handheld Electric Drill with Brushless Motor, 25 Gear Torque Adjustment for Drilling, Screwing, and Impacting

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Features & Benefits

  • Brushless Motor Technology. Utilizes advanced brushless motor technology for higher power output and torque,  precise control of the drill's speed and torque, reduced maintenance, and longer lifespan compared to brushed motors.

  • 25 Gear Torque Adjustment. Offers 25 torque adjustments for different materials and applications, providing optimal performance. The maximum torque is 28 Newton-meters (N·m).

  • High and Low Dual-Speed Options. Provides high and low-speed options for versatile use, allowing you to choose the appropriate speed for different tasks.

  • High-Strength Chuck. Incorporates a high-strength chuck for secure and firm clamping of drill bits, ensuring stability during operation. Different types of drill bits can be used with the drill chuck to handle various materials including wood, concrete, metal, and more.

  • Impact Function. Equipped with an impact function for easy wall drilling, making it suitable for construction and renovation projects.

  • Efficient Heat Dissipation. Incorporates a robust heat dissipation system with large ventilation areas, ensuring stable and rapid heat dissipation during operation.

  • Built-in Lighting. Features built-in lighting for convenient use in dark or poorly lit environments, ensuring visibility during work.

  • Versatile Applications. Suitable for various materials, including wood, concrete, metal, and applicable to tasks like furniture assembly, home repair, and DIY projects.


Drill structure: pistol type
Speed adjustment: Yes
Drill chuck: clamping
Applicable range: engineering maintenance, home decoration
Forward and reverse: Yes
Weight: 1KG
Power type: rechargeable lithium battery
Rated voltage range: AC single-phase and DC 50V and below
Type: electric screwdriver drill
Power voltage: 21V
Motor type: brushless
Drill type: handheld drill


Q: Is it okay to drill and insert anchors into a cement wall 10 centimeters thick?
: It should be fine, the one I bought can drill into alloy.

Q: Is there any burr on the shell material? Is it made of waste plastic injection molding?
: The shell material should be recycled material, the workmanship is acceptable, the force is quite strong, but the battery is not durable.

Q: The battery is damaged, can it be directly connected using wires?
: If powered by a DC power source, it should work, but it would be inconvenient to carry around.

Q: Can it drill through ceramic tiles and floor tiles?
: Yes, it can, but it needs to have an impact function.

Q: Can it drill holes in the plastic inside a car?
A: Yes

Q: Can it drill through a 3mm thick aluminum plate?
Stainless steel is also possible.

Q: What power should be used for demolishing walls? Is it easy to use?
: For wall demolishing, this is not suitable; you need to use a 220V electric hammer or an impact drill.

Q: How long does it take for the green light to come on after charging once?
: About two hours. I don't use it often, and after using it about 10 times, it still has battery power.

Q: Can a 12mm drill bit be used?
: No, it can't. I previously bought a 220V 600W electric drill, and it couldn't handle a 12mm drill bit.

Q: Can it drill into walls?
: I bought it specifically for hanging curtains.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
John Smith
The quality is good

The quality is good, great value for money. I've already started using it, and it's very handy.

It has sufficient power

It has sufficient power, a variety of accessories, and is suitable for household use.