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35mm Hinge Positioning Hole Puncher Door Hinge Jig with Position-Secured Drill Bit

35mm Hinge Positioning Hole Puncher Door Hinge Jig with Position-Secured Drill Bit

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Features & Benefits

  • Precise Hinge Positioning. The 35mm hinge positioning hole puncher is designed with a precision limiting feature, enabling one-step hole punching with accurate depth (13mm) and diameter (35mm) for consistent and precise results to allow for accurate placement of hinges.

  • Upgraded Clamping Jaws. The clamping jaws have been upgraded to provide a stronger and more reliable grip. With a simple one-button press, the jaws firmly hold board thicknesses ranging from 15mm to 25mm.

  • Paint-Friendly Rubber Pressure Head. The soft rubber pressure head ensures that the surface being worked on, such as a countertop, is not damaged or scratched during the drilling process.

  • Sharp and Durable Drill Bit. The hard alloy drill bit is designed to be sharp and long-lasting, ensuring efficient and clean drilling results.

  • Two-Bearing Drilling Set. The upgraded two-bearing drilling set improves stability and precision during drilling. The top and bottom bearings facilitate smooth and accurate oscillation, resulting in more precise and clean holes.

  • Adjustable Hole Margin. The tool allows you to adjust the margin of the drilled hole, and the adjustable range is from 3mm to 17mm, providing flexibility for different applications.


Product name: 35mm Door Hinge Position Opener
Product material: Stainless steel
Product size: 4.7 * 2.8 inches / 120 * 70mm (Height of opening drill bit: 3.3 inches / 85mm)
Product net weight: 1.08lbs / 490g


Q: How is the quality? Is it easy to use?
: The quality is good. The thick stainless steel hinge positioning hole puncher comes with double stainless steel bearings that are durable and resistant to wear. The drill bit is made of original alloy material, specifically designed for this tool.

Q: Will it slip easily?
No, it won't. The tool can be adjusted to ensure a secure grip.

Q: Is it thick and stable enough?
Yes, it is. It is both thick and stable, and it is also easy to use.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Matthew Thompson
It's alright

It's alright. It's faster compared to not having a positioning tool, but the drill bit tends to get clogged with wood chips, causing smoke. It needs to be cleaned regularly.

John Anderson
The tool is indeed easy to use

The tool is indeed easy to use. It would be even more perfect if there were steel-stamped ruler markings on the distance adjustment panel! I am satisfied and highly recommend it.