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800W Powerful Handheld Trim Router with Constant Speed and Soft Start System for Wood Grooving and Various Edge Trimming

800W Powerful Handheld Trim Router with Constant Speed and Soft Start System for Wood Grooving and Various Edge Trimming

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Features & Benefits

  • Versatile Functions and User-Friendly Design. This handheld wood router can handle tasks such as straight grooving, circular grooving, and various edge trimming applications, and is designed with user comfort and convenience in mind, including features like soft rubber grips and a detachable dust cover, making it suitable for both woodworking professionals and beginners.

  • 800W Powerful Copper Motor. It boasts an 800W powerful copper motor with thicker copper wire that provides the necessary force for cutting through various materials with ease.

  • Six-Speed Adjustment and Constant Speed System. The router provides six-speed options, allowing you to select the appropriate speed for different materials and applications. Equipped with a constant speed system that allows for precise control over the router's speed. This system maintains consistent speed even under load, enhancing work efficiency and preventing overheating.

  • Soft Start System. The soft start feature ensures a gradual increase in speed when the router is powered on, enhancing safety and preventing accidental machine detachment.

  • Stainless Steel Chuck. The wood trimmer is equipped with a high-quality stainless steel chuck that securely holds various router bits in place.

  • All-Aluminum Base. The router's base is constructed entirely from aluminum alloy, which not only provides durability but also adds stability to your work.

  • Long Cable. With a 3-meter (9.8ft) long cable, you have flexibility and mobility while working, reducing the need for extension cords.

  • Dust Collection Design. The router comes with a dust collection system, including a transparent dust collection cover and the option to connect it to a dust collector. This feature ensures a clean and virtually dust-free working environment.


Product name: Wood Trimming Machine 
Power: 800W 
Operating voltage: 220V 
Speed: 32,000r/m 
Collet size: 1/4'' / 6.35mm
Operating frequency: 50/60Hz 
Body material: Aluminum alloy 
Operation mode: Handheld


Q: Is it loud? 
A: The product uses a new structure, and under the same force, the sound is much quieter compared to conventional ones. 

Q: Can it be mounted upside down on a workbench? 
: The power may not be sufficient for that. 

Q: How is the dust collection effect? 
: Dust collection needs to be used with a vacuum cleaner, and the effectiveness of dust collection mainly depends on the strength of your own vacuum cleaner. Generally, it can achieve over 98% dust collection efficiency. 

Q: Can it be used on multiple layers of boards? Will it damage the milling cutter? 
: I am processing 2 cm thick composite boards, which are relatively hard and require a lot of cutting. So, it's quite taxing on the cutter. 

Q: Can dovetail cutters be installed? 
A: Yes, as long as the cutter shank diameter is 6.35mm / ¼ inch, they can be installed. 

Q: Is it hot to the touch? 
A: Electrical products generate heat due to the presence of resistance, which is normal. Most people would find it hot when it reaches around 40°C, but this machine can withstand temperatures of over 200°C. The aluminum alloy body has better thermal conductivity than plastic, so it heats up quickly and can provide better heat dissipation for the motor. 

Q: Can it cut 2cm paint-free boards? 
A: It can, but it might be a bit challenging. It's recommended to use larger cutter heads.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Efficient to use and lightweight.

After receiving the goods, I opened it for inspection. There were minor machining defects on the aluminum alloy casing of the main unit and on the inside of the aluminum alloy base, but I carefully observed them and found that they do not affect usability. I watched the installation and usage videos and learned how to install the kit and tools. I personally tried it out, and the small electric trimming machine is efficient to use and lightweight.

Received it, very satisfied

Received it, very satisfied. Exquisite craftsmanship, it's very stable during the trial, and the machine doesn't heat up